Token of Appreciation

Book about Islamic Finance- I will try to learn it!

Alhamdulillah, with grace from Allah we still live in this world until now.

The moment I write about an article in English for the first time in my blogs, I have been appreciate by someone that I admire in Islamic Banking, Accounting and Finance conference (IBAF), organized by Faculty Economic and Muamalat (FEM), Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM). He was Jonathan Wilson, from University of Greenwich.

It is about when I answer a question about How many Islamic youth in all over the world. The answer is: 52.5% from 1.6 Billion. This fact, as I mention in my article about Islamic Branding (and Marketing), and I get it from presentation from Jonathan Wilson. In that time, I felt very nervous when I tried to answer it. All of it were worth it when I write a summary what I learn from Jonathan. This is my motivation to continue improve my skill in writing, especially in English.

So, guys out there, it is possible thing that we can spread Islam in difference language. Not to bias with our ‘own’ language, but to expand and wider our skill and knowledge in many language. We have a time to improve it. It only depends to us, yourselves and myself to choose whether to take this opportunity or not. For myself, I will take this chance!!

Your choice is in your hand.



9 thoughts on “Token of Appreciation

    1. JazakaAllahu khoiran kathira.

      Thanks for your kindness to helping me. Yeah, many grammatical error, but I just want to train as much as I can to improve it.
      Maybe in 10 years I will achieve as what you have achive 🙂

      Thanks again..

      1. hehhe.. we’ll improve it together yaw!
        anyway, u r invited to my blogs too..
        but, sorry lar.. my blogs is just some sort of free writting..
        not academic writting.. but u r welcome to visit..

  1. Salaams,
    Congratulations on your prize and thanks for mentioning me!
    It was an honour to meet you and to be so warmly welcomed in Malaysia – which I now feel is like another family home to me.

    For further articles of mine, please check the following links:

    1. Wassalamu alaikum,

      Sir, thank you for your visits in my blog. I’m very appreciate it. You have motivate me to continue writing especially in Islamic Business and Marketing.

      I’m also will be please if you can guide me to build a good english article in my blogs.

      In future, I’m looking forward to have a talk and meet with you if you visit Malaysia again.

      Sir, Terima Kasih or Thank You.
      Syukran Jazilan Kathira.

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